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The poem, “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost may provide the best description of how Delaware potter, Steve Datz, found his way back to the potter’s wheel. Steve describes his career path as, “more of a winding road than anything else.” Having worked as an electrician, an agricultural extension agent, a trainer/ facilitator, and software consultant, he developed a wide variety of skills upon which to draw from. “I’ve enjoyed each profession I’ve pursued over the years but always looked for some part of it to remind me of working with clay.” After being introduced to the wheel in middle school, Steve was hooked and learned all he could about the art until other commitments and opportunities drew him away.

Steve attended the University of Delaware, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, before going on to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years. Upon completing his assignment, Steve remained in Thailand for an additional four years working with local development agencies creating and implementing HIV/AIDS education programs and teaching computer science classes in a Bangkok business school. Returning to the United States, he took up computer programming full time before his desire to reconnect with the things that matter most in his life led him back to ceramics. 

After showing his award winning pottery throughout the region for a number of years, Steve opened Your Creation Station. Located in Middletown, DE, Your Creation Station, offers Paint your Own Pottery among other crafts. Steve's potter's wheel is right in the front of the store, and all his work is made right there.

Ryefield Ceramics Inc works with all groups, both on-site at Your Creation Station, or off-site at customer locations.  In addition to making and selling fine stoneware pottery, we work with a number of day care centers, group homes, hospitals and centers for people with severve disablities to bring clay where you never thought you would see it.

Ryefield Ceramics is also pleased to offer wholesale pricing to qualified customers for both stoneware pottery and earthenware bisque.

Steve Datz
3327 Skyline Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808
Phone:  302-464-1044
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Arts Services: Commissioned Work, Exhibits, Public Art
Audience Served: Preschool, Kindergarten to 5th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade, 9th to 12th Grade, Special Needs, Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties), Regional (throughout Mid-Atlantic region), Year-round

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