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About the Artist

Nicole Kristiana Studio is based in Bellefonte DE. Nicole has three degrees in Art from Bryn Mawr College, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the International School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture in Umbria Italy.

Nicole Kristiana designs Bohemian Animal Artwork of atypical creatures from a Quetzal to Narwhal. Sophisticated pattern art prints for adults and children. Totally unique alphabet letter prints. Alternative contemporary colors styled for modern eclectic tastes.

A few years ago, Nicole took an inventory of things that made her happy and decided to combine them in her paintings. It worked! The joy has caught on and Nicole Kristiana Studio came to life! Her happiness list includes odd animals she learned about watching PBS, intricate patterns from around the world, amazing colors, Asian artwork, feelings of Zen, rhythmic lines and butterflies!
Nicole 's work is permanently at the Bellefonte Arts Gallery and at the Delaware Welcome Center off I-95 in Newark. She also participates in the Bellefonte Arts Festival, Arden Fair and Art Loop shows in Wilmington DE. She sells original artwork, limited edition prints and notecards.


Nicole Logan
Painting / Drawing
901 Marion Ave
Bellefonte, DE 19809
Phone:  610-999-0117
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Arts Services: Exhibits, Lectures / Public Speaking, Public Art
Audience Served: Kindergarten to 5th Grade, Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties), Regional (throughout Mid-Atlantic region), Year-round

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