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    Erica Rae is a young Delaware artist fascinated by everything under the sea.  She considers herself a process-oriented artist.  Whether it is painting, photography or mixed media; she enjoys layering elements together to form unique and compelling pieces.  Currently her artwork combines the past and present.

    She uses a UV sensitive photographic process called a cyanotype dating back to 1842.  The prints are made from a variety of negatives and found objects.  Then, the artwork is manipulated with a variety of inks, juices, teas, and cleaners. The result is a fresh take on an old process.

Erica Rae
221 Misty Ridge Drive
Magnolia, DE 19962
Phone:  302-249-2728
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Arts Services: Commissioned Work, Exhibits, Social Functions, Workshops
Audience Served: Preschool, Kindergarten to 5th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade, 9th to 12th Grade, Special Needs, Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties)

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