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Angela Prattis was born in Delaware, and currently resides in Sussex County.

She specializes in abstract art and mixed media abstraction.  Her creative ability is unmatched, and described by others as painfully beautiful.

She explores varying moods and temperaments of calm and tranquility.  Her personal joy is transmitted through paintings and can be experienced by audiences of all ages and genre's.

She is self-taught and has painted professionally for 16 years. She was introduced to art at a very young age by her father Alvin L. Prattis, and describes him as a self-taught artist and sculptor who purposefully fashioned her into the creative expressionist she is today.

Her paintings have sold internationally and have received acclaim at local exhibitions.

She maintains online social mediums with other artists and an online audience for her visual arts tutorials.

She’s emerging as a recognizable artist from Delaware, and has ambitions to display her works in galleries throughout the world.

Angela Prattis
Painting / Drawing
12623 North First Street
Greenwood, DE 19950
Phone:  302-349-9419
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Arts Services: Commissioned Work, Exhibits, Public Art
Audience Served: Preschool, Kindergarten to 5th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade, 9th to 12th Grade, Special Needs, Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties), Year-round

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