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Michael Marini is a piano player. He is the creator of The Spirit of Seven, a mix of songs from seven different pianos around the country. It was created to spread hope, peace, patience, grace, faith, love, and joy to all listeners through the power of piano music. The 150 different songs that he plays are a mix of relaxing, meditative, and healing songs that would set the tone for any occasion.



“Very inspirational! ‘Find that music where there’s joy and the joy will burn out pain.’ Your music is that place.”   

Madi White (Singer/Songwriter-Bloomington, IN)


“Anointed and soothing soul music!” 

Hidden Mountain (Band from Boulder, CO)


“Beautiful, peaceful, stunning piano music that touches the heart and soul.”

Robert Steven Hunt (Musician-St. Louis, MS)


“Love your music and you’re the stories behind the songs.”

Donna Rose (Musician-Arlington, VA)


“Healing music is such a gift to our world. Adore your compositions.”

Natalia Palacios (Musician-Spain)



Michael Marini
PO Box 191
Milton, DE 19968
Phone:  302-354-4787
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Arts Services: Performances, Social Functions
Audience Served: Special Needs, Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties), Regional (throughout Mid-Atlantic region), Seasonal, Year-round
Fees: $50-$150
Performance/Exhibit Venues: Community sites (e.g., libraries, senior centers, religious facilities), Festivals, Theater/auditorium

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