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Phoenix Restoration is an industry leader in the insurance restoration arena for over 10 years.  We pride ourselves on helping each policy holder through any untimely devasting loss at their home or business.  We walk the customer through each step of the insurance claim no matter the size of the loss.  No matter what has caused the loss our expert team has the experience to get the home owner or business owner back to pre loss condition as soon as possible.  

We were the first small business to be awared the Warrior Friendly Business Award as well as been awarded 4 Golden Hammer Customer Service awards in previous years  and a Performance Excellance Award this year.  We pride ourselves on putting the customer first in their time of need.  

Since we have been involved with ESGR, we have learned of more and more places where we can be of service to help out our military personel and their families.  We have also have had the opprotunity to be of service for military families as well in the past.  It was more recent, when we discovered the stress when one of the family members was deployed and the added stress of having a loss to their home.  Not only the financial burden of deductibles but the added stress of dealing with insurance policies, being displaced from their home for length of time as well, dealing with the loss draft department, as having to make decisions regarding the restoration process.  Phoenix Restoration has helped this customer through every step of the project, to make the restoration process as painless as possible. 


Phoenix Restoration
403 Marsh Lane
Suite 3
Wilmington, DE 19804
Phone:  302-295-1390
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Availability: Kent, New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female, Families