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About the Partner / Provider
What do we Do? 
We provide both Coaching and Conflict Resolution services.  Coaching allows us to work one on one with a client.  While conflict resolution services allows us to work with two or more .
We provide Conflict Coaching. This is a unique coaching specialty where we help you develop a plan and approach towards resolving any conflict you are encountering.
We also provide Mediation, Facilitation, and Parent Coordination services.  All of these modalities are designed to help you resolve conflicts without necessarily retaining an Attorney or filing litigation in the Courts.
Parent Coordination is an exciting family service that helps parents and their child(ren) to have better lives and often avoid the Court.  (See Parent Coordination)
We conduct many of our services by secure VideoConferencing for our clients convenience.
We also have a collection of assessment tools to assess our clients.  Many of these assessments are 360 tools (utilizing input from all in your environment).
To Make An Appointment  302.703.1036 or
Note:  We hope to soon begin to offer Mental Health Counseling services as well. 
Who Are We? 
Our Managing Partner is an Attorney, Mediator, Clergy member, and Licensed Mental Health Provider. (PA).  He couples his experience in these disciplines along with his training in the Executive Coach Certification Training at MentorCoach.® and Conflict Coaching Training at CINERGY®.  CINERGY is the leading conflict coach training program in the United States. This has made him uniquely trained as an expert in serving you.
We offer one of seven certified Parent Coordinators in the state of Delaware and the only one experienced as a former Family Attorney and Mental Health Provider.
Center For A Positive Humanity
Behavioral Health
86 Ludlow Lane
Felton, DE 19943
Phone:  302-703-1036
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Availability: Kent, Sussex, New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female, Families