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The Military and Family Life Counselor Program /MFLC Program at a Glance:

Provides non-medical short-term situational problem-solving counseling to Service Members and their families.

Provides psycho-education to help Service Members and their families understand the impact of stress, deployments, family reunions following deployments and the stresses of military life.

Provides services to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

The MFLC is a mandated reporter of child abuse, domestic abuse and other duty to warn situations.

MFLC services are otherwise confidential and private, except for duty to warn situations.

MFLCS are Masters or PH.D.. level licensed clinical counselors

MFLCs work with existing Military Family Support Programs to complement services provided.

Military & Family Life Counselor Program (MFLC)
Behavioral Health
First Regiment Rd
WIlmington, DE 19804
Phone:  302-319-8951
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Availability: Kent, Sussex, New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female, Families