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Veterans Support Centers of America or VSCOA is a nonprofit organization formed to serve our rural disabled and homeless Veteran community.  We do this by providing opportunity, shelter, needed support and access to services.  Our extensive network of service providers, knowledge of the Veterans Administration system and professional staff have come together to form a unique and successful program of services to support the needs of the rural veteran.


VSCOA’s Camp Royal Oak is a transitional residence program established to serve homeless and disabled veterans who have become homeless. The Camp serves honorably discharged veterans who are living honorable lives.  Located on a 50 acre campus Camp Royal Oak serves as home and support system to those who find their way to our front door.  It is located in Quantico on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland.  

The Guest management program that the Camp uses was internally developed to help homeless veterans successfully transition back into our communities as contributing members of society.  Each person who is enrolled in the program is served at their level of need.  This philosophy means that each veteran is equal but sometimes treated differently according to their abilities and stated goals.  That means we do not have a one size fits all approach.  We recognize the talents and challenges of each individual and then hold them accountable for their actions, or inaction.  We draw upon the fact that at one time every veteran was successful, there was a time that every veteran met standards…they served honorably.   We go to those roots and we cultivate the potential within each person.

The Camp operates under some very simple rules of conduct. While we are not a halfway house or addiction treatment program there is no alcohol, drugs, gambling or illegal activity of any kind permitted on or off of the camp’s grounds.  Each individual is expected to conduct themselves with the same discipline they did when they were on active duty; duty, honor and integrity is expected.  No sex offenders or violent criminals are tolerated.  Each veteran is expected to pull his own weight doing their housekeeping chores and helping one another when and where they can to promote the concept of continuity of family.

Besides providing the 3 hot’s and a cot…the Camp offers employment opportunities, education, and jobs training through a number of unique programs and exceptional partners.

Veterans Support Centers Of America, Inc.
Housing & Homelessness
Camp Royal Oak**NO LONGER OPEN**
22121 Royal Oak Road
Quantico, MD 21856
Phone:  4108732500
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Availability: Kent, Sussex, New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female, Families