Incorporated Municipalities

There are 57 incorporated municipalities in Delaware. Incorporated municipalities are chartered by the Delaware General Assembly. The Delaware League of Local Governments provides a nonprofit and nonpartisan association of local governments to improve and assist local governments through legislative advocacy at the state and federal levels.

A picture of South Bethany, Delaware's Beach and website

Today, South Bethany is the Best Little Beach in Delaware. There are approximately 1,387 properties with less than 175 vacant lots remaining and a year-round population of about 600 people.

The Town is flourishing through the help of the South Bethany Property Owners Association.
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New Castle County

A picture of the Village of Ardentown, Delaware's website

Fun Facts -  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Ardentown was founded in 1922 as one of the part of the Ardens Historic District. Ardentown is the second of the three Arden villages and was founded based on the Single-Tax theory of social reformer Henry George.
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Kent County

A picture of the of City of Milford, Delaware's website

Fun Facts -  Located near the Mispillion River, the city of Milford was first settled in 1680, then later incorporated on February 5, 1807. Milford is located in both Kent and Sussex counties, was the location of a saw mill located near the rich shipbuilding industry along the Mispillion River and has yielded seven of Delaware's governors.

Today, downtown Milford hosts several annual festivals, has walking paths and bikerides along the Mispillion and various cultural events.
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Sussex County

A picture of the of Town of Blades, Delaware's website

Fun Facts -  Originally called Bladesville, the town of Blades is one of Sussex County’s last incorporated areas.  Blades' founding family and its deeply involved community, have a history brimming with business pioneers and others who have worked to continue to improve the lives of its citizens while maintaining its quaint Sussex County character.

In addition to Blades' connection to Seaford, Delaware, Blades is home to several historic and cultural landmarks such as the Blades United Methodist Church and people groups including the Nanticoke Native American Tribe.
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