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Individual Tax

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File Individual Income Tax

File your current year personal state income taxes online.

File Individual Income Tax Extension

File your Form 1027I (Internet Individual Income Tax Extension) online.

Estimated Income Tax

File your Form 200-ESI (Internet Declaration of Estimated Income Tax) online.

Tax Refund Inquiry

Check the status of your Delaware personal income tax refund online.

File Individual Income Tax Payment

If you received a bill or filed a return with a balance due, you can make a payment online.


Current Tax Forms

A forms directory listing current forms for peronsal income tax, estate tax, estimated tax, fiduciary tax, and miscellaneous forms.

Exemption from Cell Phone Public Utility Tax

This application applies to owners of cell phones within the state of Delaware. This application must be completed and filed annually with the Delaware Division of Revenue to qualify for exemption from the delaware public utility tax that is assessed upon owners of cell phones with a delaware billing address.

Prior Year Tax Forms

A list of prior year tax forms from 2010 forward.


Bankruptcy Tax Obligation

If you are experiencing a hardship and cannot pay your tax liability in full, the Division of Revenue is available to work with you to resolve your tax liability and to eliminate the need for you to consider bankruptcy as an alternative.

EITC and Free Tax Filing

A list of organizations providing free Personal Income Tax filing assistance to qualifying Delaware taxpayers:

Paying Back Taxes

Useful information about the collections process, including information on assistance, important contacts and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Resident Working in Delaware

I am looking at a new job in Delaware. I live in New Jersey. Someone told me if I take a job in Delaware, I can claim the extra taxes that will be withheld by Delaware. Is this true? Can I have the Delaware employer just withhold New Jersey state tax?

Resident Working Out of State

I’m considering taking a job in Maryland. I know the states do not have a reciprocal agreement. How does the credit work for taxes paid to another state? Will I owe County taxes in MD?

Tax on Retirement Income

I’m planning to move to Delaware within the next year. I am retired. I am receiving a pension and also withdrawing income from a 401K. My spouse receives social security. What personal income taxes will I be required to pay as a resident of Delaware? I also would like information on real estate property taxes.

Federal Tax

Online Services

File Your Federal Taxes Online for Free

IRS Free File lets you prepare and file your federal income tax online for free. It's safe, easy and no cost to you.


Federal Online Tax Information for Indivduals

Tax information, tools, and resources for individuals.

Tax Information for Business

Tax information, tools, and resources for businesses and self- employed.

Tax Forms

Federal Tax Forms

The Internal Revenue Service offers content in a variety of file formats to accommodate people who use assistive technology such as screen reading software, refreshable Braille displays, and voice recognition software.

Business Tax

Online Services

File Corporate Franchise Tax/LP/LLC/GP

Entities incorporated in Delaware can file thier annual report and pay franchise tax online,


Bank Franchise Tax

The bank franchise tax is imposed on banking organizations. Title 5, Delaware Code, Chapter 1, Section 101(7) defines banking organizations.

Corporate Franchise Tax

All corporations incorporated in the State of Delaware are required to file an Annual Report and to pay a franchise tax. Exempt domestic corporations do not pay a tax but must file an Annual Report.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance Forms for Employers

Tax Forms

Business Tax Forms

An extensive list of business tax forms covering taxes, gross reciepts, licenses, partnerships, credits, withholding and others for various business sectors. Prior year business tax forms are available on the page

Insurance Premium Tax

The Premium Tax and Fees Section is responsible for the tax regulation of all insurance companies, whether admitted or non-admitted, that are authorized, approved, or registered to transact business in the state of Delaware.

Gross Receipts Tax Rates

Detailed list of division of revenue licenses and tax rates

Property Tax

Online Services

New Castle County

The Office of Finance for New Castle Counties offers an online payment portal for property taxes, school taves, and residential sewer service bills

Sussex County

Sussex County offers a number of options for making your tax, sewer or connection charge payments.

Kent County

Pay Kent County property tax and sewer payments online through the Kent County Levy Court online payment systyem


Senior Property Tax Relief

Homeowners age 65 or over are eligible for a tax credit against regular school property taxes of 50 percent (up to $400). This credit may only be used against property taxes on a primary residence.

Wilmington Tax Forms

A directroy of forms offered by the city of Wilmington including: tax forms, and numerous applications including business license, property tax incentive exception, building permits and others.