Working & Training

In Delaware there are plenty of opportunities to receive a great education or take your career to the next level!

With great local colleges and universities there are many ways to get an education to be proud of. There are resources for funding your education, as well as resources for finding technical and vocational training, to get you on your path.

Delaware is ranked #1 in innovation and is the perfect place to start and grow a business. There are many opportunities and resources for small and large businesses alike. And, as one of the most tax-friendly states, you know your dollar will go further here.

In Delaware you can take your career and education to the next level and find success!

Contact Information

Delaware Department of Education
401 Federal Street, Suite 2
Dover, DE 19901-3639
(302) 735-4000

Delaware State Jobs
820 N. French Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
(302) 577-8277

Division of Professional Regulation
Cannon Building, Suite 203
861 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover, Delaware 19904
(302) 744-4500

Office of the State Treasurer
820 Silver Lake Blvd, Suite 100,
Dover, Delaware 19904
(302) 672-6700

Higher Education

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Delaware is home to 8 colleges and universities

Colleges and Universities in Delaware

Private Colleges and Universities in Delaware

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Learn how higher education can help further your career

Paying for College

Educational expenses can be significant, and the first step to paying for college is to plan for it. The Delaware 529 Plan is a tax-advantaged savings account that can be used for a wide range of educational expenses in traditional and nontraditional learning environments. Your 529 savings are invested and grow overtime until you are ready to use them for tuition, books, housing, certifications, apprenticeships, or other costs associated with your education. Learn more at

The process for paying for college can also be broken down into five steps:

  1. Step One

    Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  2. Step Two

    Explore state aid possibilities
  3. Step Three

    Apply for scholarships
  4. Step Four

    Look for a low-interest student loan
  5. Step Five

    Consider private student loans

To learn more about paying for college and financial aid programs that can help, visit Delaware Goes to College.

Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market (ACM) is a tuition-savings agreement between the 15 states of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). The ACM allows students who live in one of the SREB states to pay in-state tuition at a public college in another SREB states if no public college in the student’s state of residency offers the student’s chosen degree program.

To quality for the Academic Common Market you must:

Please Note

North Carolina no longer participates in the Academic Common Market.

  • Pursue a degree program that is not offered at any public colleges or universities in your state-Delaware public colleges are Delaware State University and University of Delaware
  • Have been accepted to or be currently enrolled in an eligible degree program at a participating ACM institution

Search eligible ACM programs of study.

Educational Resources for United States Veterans

More information on educational benefits for veterans.

Educational Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Resources and more information on post-high school transition planning and supported employment for young adults with disabilities.

Financing education can be daunting for those with disabilities, as saving over $2,000 can impact needed government benefits like Supplementary Security Income and Medicaid. Delaware’s ABLE Plan allows for an increased ability to save for education, and other expenses related to a disability, while ensuring that government benefits are not jeopardized in the process. ABLE accounts are tax advantaged, and the dollars are invested and grow overtime.Learn more at”

Adult Education

In Delaware there are many options for adult who are going back to school or pursuing a technical education.

Our tax-advantaged Delaware 529 Plan is a great way to grow savings and go back to school tax-free. Learn more at

Delaware Adult Education provides students 16 years of age and older the instruction to increase their reading, writing, and math skills and support while they prepare for the GED or complete their credits to receive of State of Delaware High School Diploma.

View the complete list of Delaware Adult Basic Education programs.

Technical Training and Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to gain valuable job skills and real world experiences while earning a salary. Delaware offers resources to help residents find apprenticeships and other training programs.

More information about Delaware apprenticeships and to access important forms.

Delaware’s 529 Plan supports both college- and career-readiness, and savings can be used for apprenticeships, certifications, licensing and other skill-based programs. Learn more at

Search for technical training and education providers in Delaware on Delaware Joblink.

Delaware Technical Community College offers workforce training at all four campuses.

Jobs and Careers

Job Finding Resources

Whether you are seeking a job in the private, non-profit, or public sector - Delaware has a variety of options.

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Search for career possibilities at the Delaware Job Link

Delaware JobLink

Delaware JobLink offers resources that connect job seekers and existing workers with employers and training/education providers including:

  • Advanced job searches
  • Career planning services
  • Resume search for employers
  • Training and education provider finder
  • Information about programs and upcoming events

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Work for the State of Delaware, we’re hiring!

Obtaining a State Job

Delaware is hiring!

When you work for the State of Delaware, you are offered:

  • Comprehensive benefits.
  • The ability to make a difference in your state.
  • A great community to live and work!

Browse all open positions and apply.

View more resources on Delaware State Jobs.

Career Resources

Professional License

Delaware law requires businesses and people working in certain professions to obtain a professional license before conducting business or practicing the profession in the state of Delaware.

Determine whether or not you need a professional license, and find profession-specific application instructions.

Plan for Payday

The Delaware Available Income Calculator is a great way to compare job offer salaries, or determine what your income will be after required taxes to better plan for payday.

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License your business at

Start a Business

Delaware is ready to help your business succeed. Whether you are looking to learn, start, or grow - Delaware has a number of public sector, non profit, and private sector organizations to help. Connect to statewide assistance for business. Find even more resources thru the Division of Small Business search tool.

Business License

Visit One Stop Business Registration and Licensing to apply for a business license or to renew an existing license.

Career Exploration

Career Counseling for State Employees

The Department of Human Resources offers career counseling for prospective and current State Employees. To contact one of the offices or to make an appointment, visit Delaware State Jobs.

Skills Matching

Take the Career One Stop Skills Survey to learn more about your preferences and to be matched with jobs and professions that might interest you.

My Next Move

Visit My Next Move to take a career interest profile quiz and to search careers by keyword, industry, outlook, job prep, and interests.

Public Safety Careers and Training

Employment in a public safety position offers a great career and a rewarding way to serve your community!

Within state government, there are a number of public safety careers, including with Delaware State Police, Corrections, Probation and Parole, Alcohol and Tobacco, Capitol Police, Natural Resources, and the Fire Marshal. See all public safety careers on Delaware State Jobs.

Delaware State Police: Recruiting and Qualifications

Fire School/ EMT Training

Delaware National Guard

More information on Public Safety careers and positions can be found through the State of Department of Homeland Security.

Job Resources for United States Veterans

Delaware Works provides workforce information and job search resources for veterans seeking employment in the civilian sector.

Job Resources for People With Disabilities

Delaware Works provides job search resources and other employment information for people with disabilities.

With a Delaware ABLE Plan, you do not have to hold yourself back from a fair wage or from a promotion due to fear of jeopardizing benefits. Visit to learn more and determine if you are eligible.

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