Your Government

Information on national and state-wide elected officials

 Elected Officials

 Federal Elected Officials

Contact and follow federally elected officials.

  • Find assistance with constiuent services and resources such as: requesting a grant, receiving help with a federal agency, student resources, requesting a flag and other services.
  • Get updates on news and national legislation.
  • Visit connect with federal officials via social media and visit their newsroom.

 State Elected Officials

Keep up with Delaware's Governor and other State elected officials.

  • View the governor's latest initiatives, executive orders and legislative advisories.Interact with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor directly and sign-up for notifications.
  • Understand the the State department of justice's role in legal, civil, criminal and fraud and consumer protection services
  • Get insurance information and education for consumers and business.
  • Apply for or renew an insurance license and find additional news and events related State elected officials.

 Branches of Government

 State Government

Get an overview of the court system. Find contact information for State agencies. Contact your state senator and/or representative. View proposed and existing State legislation. Locate Delaware's state agencies and divisions' websites and engage with state agencies directly via phone or social media.

 Local Government

A picture of the of City of New Castle, Delaware's website

Visit the:  City of New Castle

Residients living in municipalities, cities, towns and counties are the heart and soul of local communities. They also make up the collective elements of Delaware's three distinct counties.

Find your county's, local government and/or municpality's website. Contact and locate your county's government services and officials. View your mayor or town manager.

 Stay Informed & Connect

Get the latest updates and news on State of Delaware news and information.

  • Locate your polling place, find your elected officials in your district.
  • Register to vote, check your current voter registration and information, view district maps and related voter services.
  • Sign-up for state weather, news and emergeny notifications and eport concerns and complaints.
  • Stay informed by tracking new legislation and find a State bill, amendment or a law.
  • Read State of Delaware news, view public meetings and events calendars.