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What is a Panoramic Photo?

Panoramic images use QuickTime or Java to display a very large area for viewing. With this technology, you can see areas from many different points of view. Many panoramic images feature a 3600 view of an area.

My computer can't display this file format!

  • Java Format Java Format
    File Extensions: None to note
    Java is a coding language that can be used to create various applications that are used by your computer. If you get a notice saying that you need to download additional plugins, then you may need to download java in order to display the object you are trying to view. If you recieve a notice asking for permissions, please allow the applet to run. If you accidentally deny permissions, then try closing and opening your browser again and visit the page with the media.

  • Flash Format Adobe Flash
    File Extensions: .fl; .swf;
    Flash is a popular tool used to display interactive content over the Internet. The content produced by Flash is virtually lossless as one zooms in on a selected spot. You must have an appropriate version of the Flash Player for your computer installed to view Flash content. If you are having trouble displaying a Flash object, please make sure that you have the latest version of the software.

    Please note: Some systems may experience slowness due to the resources required to run Flash objects. If this occurs, please close other applications while you are viewing Flash content.

  • QuickTime Format Quicktime Format
    File Extensions: .mov;
    Quicktime is another file format used to display panoramic images. If you are having trouble displaying the image, please first try restarting your internet browser or computer. If this does not help, please ensure that your version of QuickTime is up to date.

May I use any of the photos?

Unless you get written permission from the copyright holder, you may not use the images for purposes other than viewing. If you would like to share the photos with someone else, please send them a link to the page that you are viewing. Additionally, if you wish to gain contact information or permission, please contact the agency that has the image you are wishing to use.

Why am I getting prompted to download or accept something?

You may need to update or accept permissions to view the panoramic images or other java applets. If you're not sure what it is you're being asked to download, don't accept it.

Please note: Without granting software certain permissions, you may not be able to view the file you are trying to access.

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