Video Help

How do I view these files?

  1. Download and install a multimedia player, such as Winamp, Real Player, or QuickTime if your system doesn't already have one.
  2. Familiarize yourself with how the software works by reading the program's provided documentation.
  3. Locate the files that interest you. By default, once you select the link, the file should open in your designated multimedia player or internet browser.

My computer can't play this file format!

  • AVI Format AVI Format
    File Extensions: .avi;
    AVI files may need special Coder-Decoder software (codec) to display in your media player. Sometimes an upgrade is required, or just installing a new codec, such as DivX or XviD.

    Please note: Computers with the Macintosh operating system may not be able to play the AVI format.

  • Java Format Java Format
    File Extensions: None to note
    Java is a coding language that can be used to create various applications that are used by your computer. If you get a notice saying that you need to download additional plugins, then you may need to download java in order to display the object you are trying to view. If you recieve a notice asking for permissions, please allow the applet to run. If you accidentally deny permissions, then try closing and opening your browser again and visit the page with the media.

  • Flash Format Adobe Flash
    File Extensions: .fl; .swf;
    Flash is a popular tool used to display interactive content over the Internet. The content produced by Flash is virtually lossless as one zooms in on a selected spot. You must have an appropriate version of the Flash Player for your computer installed to view Flash content. If you are having trouble displaying a Flash object, please make sure that you have the latest version of the software.

    Please note: Some systems may experience slowness due to the resources required to run Flash objects. If this occurs, please close other applications while you are viewing Flash content.

  • QuickTime Format Quicktime Format
    File Extensions: .mov;
    Quicktime is another file format used to display panoramic images. If you are having trouble displaying the image, please first try restarting your internet browser or computer. If this does not help, please ensure that your version of QuickTime is up to date.

  • RealMedia Format RealMedia Format
    File Extensions: .rm; .ram; .ra;
    Many computers do not come with the needed files to play RealMedia files so you may need to download RealPlayer. If you have difficulty playing the file, check to make sure your version of RealPlayer is compatible with your operating system or file you are trying to access.

  • Windows Media Format Windows Media Format
    File Extensions: .wmv; .wma;
    As the name implies, Windows Media is a format utilized and developed for Windows Media Player. Even so, newer versions of Winamp and other media players are able to play these files.

    Please note: Older operating systems may have problems playing these formats. If you are running a system older than Windows 98 or Mac OS 8.1, you may have problems locating and downloading compatible multimedia software.

Why don't I hear any sound?

  • There is no sound for the video. There are many videos listed that do not have sound associated with the file. In this case, there is nothing to be done.

  • Your system's volume may be muted. To change the volume on your system, either adjust your speakers, or use the volume control option in your operating system. In Windows, look in the system tray. You should see an icon shaped like a speaker — Select it and move the slider up and down to select the volume.

  • Your speakers may not be plugged in. In this case, please check the connections from the speaker to the computer, to ensure that they are plugged in and working.

  • Your system may be using sound somewhere else. Please make sure that you are not running any games, or other have any other multimedia players open while you are trying to listen to the file of your choice.

Why am I getting prompted to download or accept something?

You may need to update or accept permissions to view the Traffic cameras or other java applets. If you're not sure what it is you're being asked to download, don't accept it.

Please note: Without granting software certain permissions, you may not be able to view the file you are trying to access.

How do I save the file to my computer for later use?

Depending on the browser you are using, you should be able to right click on the link (ctrl+click on a Macintosh) and save the file to your computer.

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