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Mission Statement: To spread joy, love and happiness to others by creating artwork with positive themes and messages using art that is fun, vibrant and youthful.

Philosophy: It is a priority of mine to give back to the local community by supporting the local arts and arts programs for children and teens.  I currently volunteer at an Art Festival for students (2015), I have volunteered for Art Night at a local elementary school (2013, 2014) and was also a judge for the Delaware Lieutenant Governor’s statewide student art contest in 2013.

About Me: I was inspired by several life changes and meeting some pretty influential people.  Shortly after inspiration led to purchasing a canvas board, some all-purpose acrylic paints and a set of brushes.  I didn’t know why I was painting, I just knew I had to.  I still feel this same burning desire to paint and to create new works every day.  Painting has brought tremendous joy to my life.  I now feel compelled to share my art in hopes that it will also uplift and encourage others to follow their own hearts and to always chase their dreams. 

My Art: I am a mixed media and fantasy artist and began painting in my spare time and it quickly became part of my lifestyle. My artwork can be described as free-spirited, edgy, vibrant, feminine, and fun.

Stephanie Roth
Painting / Drawing
PO Box 7352
Newark, DE 19714
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Arts Services: Commissioned Work, Exhibits, Public Art, Workshops
Audience Served: Preschool, Kindergarten to 5th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade, 9th to 12th Grade, Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties)

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