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Born in South Florida, Damon Pla was drawn to express himself through art at an early age. Upon completing various portfolio classes in high school, his advanced drawing and painting skills led him to pursue commercial and private commissions soon after graduation. After a decade of large scale projects throughout Florida and neighboring regions, the largely self-taught artist moved to Delaware to absorb a different landscape.

“Through ambience, composition, movement and light, creating art will always be an instrument for me to interpret my perception of our surroundings. To quietly converse with the viewer through my work, provoking thought and meditation, is my passion”, says Pla.

Although he has used a variety of different paints, acrylic continues to be his preferred medium. The fast drying properties allow Pla to work over recent layers within minutes so that he can continue to shape the energy of that part of the painting. Constantly adding water to his wet palette enables him to apply thinned layers over dried areas to produce transparent glazes of color. This results in a luminous glow that is satisfying to his eye and mood.

Today, he continues to work full time creating timeless murals, large paintings and limited edition reproductions for his collectors. He resides in Dagsboro, DE with wife Dana and their daughters Maya and Zoey.



Damon Pla
Painting / Drawing
119 South Newport Way
Dagsboro, DE 19939
Phone:  302-541-6057
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Arts Services: Commissioned Work, Exhibits, Public Art
Audience Served: Adult
Availability: Delaware (all 3 counties), Year-round

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