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My name is Nolan S. Lewis, Commander of Delaware Chapter #0094 located in Wilmington, DE.  We are affiliates of 501c 3 Non -Profit National organization that provides services for Veterans in the state of Delaware.  Currently we meet at Kingswood Community Center on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 10 am sharp.  In addition, The National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS) has been a veterans’ advocacy organization and has addressed the unmet need of minority and economically disadvantaged veterans since its inception in 1969. 

For over 40 years NABVETS has led the challenge to call attention to the plight of veterans who have been victims of Agent Orange, Post Traumatic Stress, less than honorable discharge, amnesty for Vietnam era veterans, homeless and many other veterans concerns.  By the way, NABVETS provides veterans benefits claims assistance as a free service to veterans, regardless of membership or affiliation with it, or any other association. All veterans may receive claims assistance without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, age or branch of military service.  NABVETS staff advise and assist veterans and their dependents in filing and pursuing claims with the VA.


The National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. (NABVETS), initially the “Interested Veterans of the Central City (IVOCC),” was established by seven Vietnam combat veterans, IVOCC was incorporated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1969), and reorganized (1973) to become NABVETS – a membership service organization – with the charge to address issues concerning Black and other minority veterans.

On April 2, 1998 NABVETS was certified “for the purpose of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs,” as a national veterans service organization by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

NABVETS has served as a leader to address the unmet concerns of minority and low-income veterans through direct services, empowerment training and collaborative partnerships; and in the service design to address the “holistic” issues of homelessness among veterans. Since inception, NABVETS has provided direct services to 65,000 veterans and on behalf of 240,000 veterans – primarily of the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era. NABVETS accomplishes its veterans’ services through partnerships with community-based and veterans’ organizations, federal, state and local governments, human service agencies, and concerned citizens.

NABVETS is recognized nationally for its advocacy for family and youth empowerment, and community development. Over the last 29 years, NABVETS led several campaigns to bridge the void for mainstream services to Black,  minority, all low-income and homeless veterans.



On an ongoing basis, the National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. will provide strategic advocacy on behalf of its membership with Congress, the Federal Administration, State Administrations and other agencies and organizations. NABVETS will provide personal advocacy on behalf of veterans seeking claims against the United States Department of Veterans Affairs; advocacy for youth in all matters required for successful passage into adulthood; advocacy on behalf of families; with community involvement, provide advocacy in creating positive lifestyles for veterans; and to generate and preserve the historical record.


To be a professional organization that has, as its members, 50% of the total black veterans population nationally; an organization with State Departments and Command Councils located in every state and city with a population greater than 250,000; an organization that has an emphasis on younger veterans who are on active duty or who are recently separated veterans; an organization that offers its members a wide array of benefits and services; an organization that provides services to all veterans, but especially low income veterans; and an organization that is financially viable.


National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. is:

· A nationally certified Veterans Service Organization and a United States Department of Veterans Affairs claims representative for the purpose of benefits and discharge upgrade services;

· A membership organization with membership and chapters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico;

· Working in unity with the community to end homelessness, empower low-income and minority veterans and working with disadvantaged youth;

· Preserving the historical contributions of minority veterans, such as the Congressionally approved National Day of Honor (May 25th);

· Advocating for amnesty for Vietnam era veterans;

· Publishing the Eclipse Magazine (established in 1974 as Eclipse Newspaper);

· Calling attention to the needs of homeless and economically disadvantaged veterans;

· Developing affordable permanent housing for all low-income veterans and non-veterans;

· Rising to the challenge of addressing amnesty for Vietnam veterans and youth development in the community;

· Providing incarcerated veteran services;

· Providing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Agent Orange and behavioral health counseling through IVOCC Behavioral Health Clinic;

·  Operating Veterans United for Community Services (VUCS), a nationally acclaimed program of NABVETS that brings veterans, today’s ‘citizen soldiers,’ to the table in overcoming barriers facing America’s growing population of low-income and homeless veterans and the problems faced by youth. Since 1995, VUCS members have volunteered over 400,000 hours of community service, at least 70% of these hours dedicated to working with youth.

NABVETS Inc, DE. Chapter 0094
P. O Box 2231
Wilmington, DE 19899
Phone:  302-345-6911
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Audience Served: Families