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Sandy is an RN, as well as a licensed professional counselor, making her well rounded in her understanding of the physical and psychological impact of the military experience.  She spent seven years enlisted in the PA Army National Guard, after which time she was commissioned as an Officer.  This has given her a good understanding of military culture from both ends of the spectrum, for both men and women. 

She has worked extensively with those struggling with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, broken relationships and just plain difficulty fitting into the civilian world, due to unresolved issues and traumas.  With that said, it is the fact that Sandy went into the deep and difficult waters in her own therapy that gives her the experience needed to navigate these unknown waters with you.  She entered fearful, confused and in pain and exited ready to do the work with others that she was born to do. 

Her work with clients is based less on some theory and more on what the client needs.  She is attentive and caring, creating a safe environment for all who enter. 

Accepting:  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna,  Tricare, Carefirst, Highmark DE


Sandra Cooper
Behavioral Health
2644 Kirkwood Hwy
Suite 330
Newark, DE 19711
Phone:  302-738-4539
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Availability: New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female