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The Danio platform grew out of the need for people receiving care to be better connected to the Care Network of medical professionals and family and friends in real time, all while protecting personal privacy. We view that each person receiving care, whether at home, in an assisted living facility, or in some other sort of care environment, is at the center of such a Care Network, and that the ability of everyone participating in providing care has a vested interest in getting as complete a picture as possible in real time about the patient’s well-being. Patients are anxious about receiving the best possible care; friends and family members ( who are playing an increasingly important role in patient care ) are concerned about their loved ones.

Here's how it works: individuals go to our website, where they can get a free "danio" - an 8-digit code that represent them while protecting their privacy. It's as easy as tracking a package. Danio allows its users to make updates regarding physical and emotional health, send out surveys, provide text updates and send attachments. Our Access feature - also free - allows doctors and other care professionals the option to provide updates in real time, so that family members and health professionals can collaborate with one another and provide the best possible care.

Using our free app ( available via the Apple and Google Play stores - Danio Notifier ) or online, health professionals, family members, and other care providers can view these updates in real time, improving care outcomes and quality of life.

Danio is designed to optimize care outcomes and improve the quality of life for care providers and care recipients alike. Our innovative interface has received awards from the Mental Health Association in Delaware and been vetted for its security by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Danio Notifier
Wellness & Faith
DE Technology Park
1 Innovation Way
Newark, DE 19711
Phone:  443-945-7759
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Availability: Kent, Sussex, New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female, Families