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Tai Chi for Veterans is a Federal program underwritten and facilitated by the VA Community Care network. TC4V was a direct outgrowth of both the Mission Act and the profound body of research confirming Tai Chi is an evidence-based drug-free treatment option for all mental health diagnoses including PTSD and suicidal ideation…all qualified Veterans can easily participate in this program (both in-person and virtually) COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE*

Tai Chi for Veterans has been live since September '19 and Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC, the Founder of SCULPT YOUR LIFE®, is currently Delaware’s only authorized instructor. For more info on this innovative program visit, and for info on Jessica’s classes right in your own neighborhood visit

For more info on Jessica and her completely unique Lifestyle Coaching private practice visit Or for more specific info on the transformative power of Tai Chi visit

*Because of COVID19 the Tai Chi for Veterans program was folded into the VA's Telehealth system plus added to the CPRS and has been available via Zoom ever since…any qualified Veteran should be able to take advantage of this FREE benefit simply by logging onto or by asking their medical provider for a "Tai Chi community consult." If you have any difficulty, feel free to reach out to Jessica by scrolling to the bottom of any page on her website to contact her via email or simply call her at 302-593-5005.

Wellness & Faith
2506 Wilson Avenue
Claymont, DE 19703
Phone:  302-593-5005
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Availability: New Castle
Audience Served: Single Male, Single Female