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Delaware offers many great options for education, such as traditional school districts, charter schools, private schools and homeschools. This guide is designed to help families find information on childcare and early learning as well as determine a child’s next steps in education, find neighborhood schools and meet any transportation needs.

Contact Information

Delaware Department of Education
The Townsend Building
401 Federal Street, Suite 2
Dover, DE 19901-3639
(302) 735-4000

Public Schools

Find Your School

Use the Delaware Department of Education’s school locator tool to find your local school and district.

Illustration of a school and a search icon representing the Department of Education's school locator tool.

Choice Program

The choice program allows families to apply to enroll their child in a public school outside of their feeder zone.

  • Districts cannot outright reject an application of a student with special needs.
  • Districts cannot request applicants to provide supplemental information that attendance zone students are not required to submit.
  • The remainder of the choice process will be conducted by using a lottery system.

Learn more about the Delaware school choice system and find important forms and applications.

School Profiles

Use the Report Card Lookup to get detailed educational information about any Delaware district, districtpublic school, or charter school.  

School Districts & Charter Schools

Delaware School Districts

Charter Schools

Delaware charter schools were created to improve student learning through innovative teaching methods and environments. Charter schools give families and students more schooling opportunities within and outside of their districts.

Publicly funded charter schools must receive their charters from the state of Delaware or a school district. Once the charter is approved, the authorizer (state or district) will monitor the school's performance, renew its charter, and close the charter school if necessary.

Tip / Reminder

For more information see this list of active Delaware Charter schools.

Register for Kindergarten

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Each school's registration process is different. Look online for your school's specific requirements.

How to register  

A child can be registered for kindergarten in a Delaware public school if he/she turns 5 years old on or before August 31 of the current school year.

The kindergarten registration process and deadlines differ by district and charter school. Some districts allow registration to be completed online, while others require you to schedule an in-person registration appointment. You may also need to contact your local school to request the registration paperwork.  

Specific registration instructions for can be found through the Department of Education

Required Documentation

When you register your child for kindergarten,  you will need:

  • Your child's original birth certificate
  • Proof of immunizations
  • Proof of physical exam
  • Lead test/ tuberculosis test
  • Proof of residence

More detailed information about what you will need to register your child can be found on the Get Ready for Kindergarten Checklist

Lea la lista de verificación en español

Relative Caregivers' School Authorization Law

Under the Relative Caregivers’ School Authorization Law, people who are raising another relative’s child but do not have legal custody of the child can register the child for public school.

Please Note

Even if you plan to participate in the school choice program, you must first enroll your child with your feeder school.

School Closings & Delays

Delaware Notification Service (DNS)

The DNS lets you select which notifications, news, and information you'd like to receive by e-mail. For select services, you can also receive notifications by a phone call, text message, and/or fax. DNS notifications include:

Illustration of a bus in snowy weather and a mobile phone representing the DNS Sign Up.

Sign up for Delaware's Notification Service (DNS) to receive notifications of school closings, delays, and more."

  • School Closings and Delays (including early dismissals)
  • Statewide School-Related Announcements
  • Information from the Public Archives, including "This Day in Delaware" daily e-mails
  • Information on the FirstMap online GIS system
  • Sex Offender Status Changes
  • Cyber Security Updates from the Department of Technology and Information
  • Regulatory Actions
  • Legislative Actions
  • Vendor Notifications
  • Delaware Code Notifications
  • Auditor of Accounts News Releases
  • Auditor of Accounts Reports

Sign up for notifications at the Delaware Notification Service (DNS)


The school closing information provided on is supplied by the school districts, charter schools, and private schools who utilize the Delaware Notification Services (DNS) system. View the full list of school closings and delays.


Delaware law requires that all students entering a school system provide proof of required immunizations. These immunization requirements have been established in collaboration with the Division of Public Health based on the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For a complete list of Delaware required immunizations, medical and religious exemption guidelines, and additional immunization resources, visit the Delaware Department of Education.

A graphic of a hart and bandaid representing proof of immunization records.

Delaware requires all students to have proof of immunizationrecords


The Delaware Public Student Transportation system provides safe and reliable school transportation to all 19 school districts and 25 charter schools in Delaware.

Illustration of a bus representing transportation for public school students who meet requirements.

Delaware offers transportation to public schools for students who meet requirements.

Who is eligible for school bus transportation?

  • Students whose home address is assigned to the school in which they are enrolled
  • Students in grades K-6 who live more than a mile away from the school
  • Students in grades 7-12 who live more than two miles away from the school
  • A student that has transportation as a related service


If you have questions or concerns, contact the transportation supervisor for your child’s school district or charter school.

Non-Public Schools

Non-Public, private and home schools 

The Delaware Department of Education does not provide, endorse, or accredit curriculum for non-public schools. Non-public schools include private schools and homeschools. are advised to ensure that the non-public school that they are considering for their child is accredited.

Families or students who are unsure of a non-public school’s accreditation should contact colleges/ universities, higher education programs, or employers to guarantee that a diploma from their non-public school will be considered valid.   

Private Schooling and Homeschooling

  • The Delaware Department of Education does not administer diplomas or state assessments to private school or home-schooled students.
  • The Delaware Department of Education does not issue report cards or determine if a non-public school student is prepared for grade promotion.
  • Students enrolled in home school are entitled to one free driver education course. Students may enroll in an adult education driver education program or take the approved driver education course at the Dover YMCA.

Please Note

Students who are re-entering public school after attending a non-public school will be re-enrolled in a grade level determined by the Department of Education. The student's grade level when he/she returns to public school may be different from the student's grade level in their non-public school.

Childcare & Daycare

Childcare Finder

Use this tool to find childcare in your area.

Illustration of a teddy bear and other children toys as well as a search icon representing the childcare finder tool.

Use Delaware's childcare finder tool to find the right childcare provider for your family.

Delaware Stars

Delaware Stars for Early Success is a voluntary program that helps families find quality child care with reliable and objective ratings.

Learn more about Delaware Stars and see a comprehensive list of programs organized by Star rating.

If you are a child care provider, see how you can participate in Delaware Stars.

Learning Services

Delaware offers a variety of early learning services to children and families, including:

  • Child Development Watch Early Intervention Program (Birth to 3 years)
  • Early Childhood Assistance Program (ECAP)
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships

Please Note

To learn more about these programs visit the Delaware Department of Education.

Curriculum & Assessment

Delaware System of Student Assessment

Delaware administers various standardized tests with the goal of monitoring learning, identifying student weaknesses, and providing support for educational growth to prepare students for higher education and careers.

Delaware administers the following statewide assessments:

Instruction & Standards

Driver Education

The Driver Education program was enacted in Delaware in 1934. The goal of Driver Education is to provide high school students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to become a responsible driver.

Education for Homeless Students

The Delaware Department of Education and all Delaware public schools adhere to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, which serves to minimize educational disruptions for children who are experiencing homelessness.

The McKinney- Vento Homeless Assistance Act assures homeless students the right to remain enrolled in the school in which they have been attending, even if they no longer meet the residency requirements. Homeless children are also guaranteed enrollment in public school even if they lack the required documentation and immunizations, and promised the transportation that they need to attend school.

To learn more, visit Education for Homeless Children and Youth

Find your local Homeless Education Liaison.

Stylized illustration of a home with a heart in the center and hands holding it.

Learn more about education for homeless students and youth at

Exceptional Students

Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Check out resources and information on post-high school transition planning and supported employment for young adults with disabilities.

Is your child eligible for special education and related services?

Your child may be eligible for special education or related services if he/she has a diagnosed disability or is suspected of having a disability and is struggling in school.

In order to receive special services, a child must be referred for evaluation by one of the following:

  • Parent/guardian
  • Teacher
  • Community service provider
  • Professional (who works with people with disabilities) 

The child's parent/guardian must give consent for the child to be evaluated.

Programs for Exceptional &Gifted Students

Illustration of shooting stars.

Learn more about resources and information for exceptional students

Library Resources

Library Cards

Online Access

Homework Help

Talking Books

For announcements, a calendar of library events, and more reading material, visit the Delaware Division of Libraries.   

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Library resources are available online, even audio books and ebooks!"

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