Using ReadSpeaker Software

ReadSpeaker allows the text on the website to be read out loud to you rather than just reading it. This makes the content more accessible and creates an enhanced user experience. As a user you don’t have to download anything.


How does it work?

You simply click the “listen” button to listen to the web pages content. An example of the listen button is seen above.

  • Adjust the Volume
  • Pause the Reading
  • Stop the Reading
  • Restart the Reading
  • Download an MP3 audio version of your content for offline listening

If you click the gray ‘down’ button, a control panel will appear. The control panel includes the following features:

  • Settings – if you want to customize the behavior of the service
  • Text to Speech – reads the content of web pages in 50+ languages
  • Accessibility – the listen button, the player and the toolbar are fully keyboard accessible
  • Simultaneous Highlighting – the words and sentences are highlighted in separate colors to read along as you listen
  • Read on Hover – hover over a paragraph of text and it will read aloud automatically
  • Enlarge Text – text being read is displayed at the bottom of the page in large font size
  • Simple View – Content is shown in plain text format for distraction-free reading
  • Page Mask – Horizontal bar that moves with the lines being read and shades the rest of the screen
  • Translation – translate selected text to a number of languages and have the text read in the target language
  • Word Lookup – select a word to see and hear its definition from an online dictionary
  • Help – Built into the player are easy-t-understand instructions on how to use each feature

ReadSpeaker can also only read specific portions of a web page by highlighting text. Once you highlight a text segment, you will see a speaker icon appear. Click that icon to have the section you just highlighted read back to you. If you do not see a ReadSpeaker button on a page, you can still highlight text selections to have the content read back to you.

Please contact us with any questions about using ReadSpeaker while visiting our website.

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